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Creating Information Marketing Videos – SOLO!

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Starting on Thursday of this week, I’ll be doing some serious interviews with a billionaire. As an information marketer who believes in keeping my overhead low, I wanted to figure out a way to record my interviews on video without ANY additional help.

Here is what I did.

I already own a Canon Vixia camera. It allows me to record the video onto SD cards. The interview I am doing I wanted to be a THREE CAMERA shoot. In order to make sure the color matches as closely as possible when using three cameras, I went to Costco today and bought a couple more of the Canon Video cameras.

They are not EXACTLY the same model, but since they are from the same manufacturer, Canon, I’m HOPING the colors will look pretty similar. Luckily, when I put this all together in Imovie, I can “color correct” and make them all look pretty much the same.

So, here’s my ONE MAN PLAN for this THREE CAMERA SHOOT.

First camera will be positioned to get a “two shot” of us head on. The other two cameras will be set up to get an over the shoulder shot of each of us. All of the cameras will be on “sticks” (read tripod if you’re not a video guy). I’ll naturally test this all out tomorrow BEFORE I get in front of Mr. Big!

I’ll also bring some of my own lighting to make sure it looks good. Natural lighting, if we can get it would be the best.

I’ll press play and off we’ll go. For backup, I’ll record the audio onto my PMD 660 using physical cables to connect the mics to that unit. I hate having to bring the audio track in separately, but the built in mics in these cameras probably will NOT cut it. IF they work out, great, if not I’ll have a back up audio plan.

I’ll be able to do all of this ON MY OWN. No need for anyone to help me. NOT that I wouldn’t take the help if someone wanted to come along to assist, but it’s not necessary.

If your info products market requires you to do video, take note of what I said above and how I did it. Any questions? Now is the time to ask. NOT AFTER you screw something up. Like I did earlier this month when I recorded a buddy singing at a concert. There was a LOT of wind and I had NO windscreen for my mic. BAD IDEA.

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