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Domain Name NICHIFYING as an Information Marketing Technique

Information Marketing

I recently decided that I would try and promote a service to a very specific market niche. Information marketing demands that you often narrow your focus. Many companies and organizations use a very GENERAL and GENERIC approach to marketing. In an attempt to capture the largest number of people, the approach generally doesn’t work.

Instead, it makes sense to identify which niches are already buying from you and go after them as a group or group.

Take a look at your database. Look through it. Do you see any groups that seem to pop up over and over again? Great. Let’s say that you see real estate agents and financial advisors as a group that keeps coming up. What’s next?

Since the two groups above seem to have an interest in your products or services. Rather than try to understand and analyze it, GO WITH IT.

Take those two groups and develop very specific websites geared directly to those groups. Rather than a general sales/marketing approach, you can use a very specific one. Result? You’ll find that your closing ratio will go way up.

My first step is always to find a way to include the name of the niche in the new domain that you register. Which you should. AND, you should use to register those domains.

You’ll also want to get a copy of

To use an ABSURD example, let’s say you’re in the laundry business. You have discovered that a large percentage of your customers are financial advisors and real estate agents. Your next move is to reserve: and Absurd example, but it proves the point.

You need to target very specific niches AND reserve domain names that are appropriate for the niches. When you have done that your next step as someone who sells info products is to set up the content for the websites for the domain names you have just reserved.

To make it simple, use WordPress sites. To make it even simpler, once you have developed one site you can merely replicate the sites for each niche, just making the appropriate changes to the copy for each of them.

Now think of your potential customers.

Think of a financial advisor who needs to find a place to get their laundry done and they find YOUR site. It is targeted very specifically to financial types who need to get laundry done. Your site will give that person the feeling that your business is targeted JUST to people like him or her.

Do this for the MAJOR groups that you find.

Separate sites with separate domain names for each of those different sites. Sound like a lot of work. Lots of work? Not really. If you consider the results they will give you. Your closing rates will increase dramatically.

Have a video on each site specific to the target group. This will further improve your results.

If you market and sell information products, this should be your “system.” Do things the way I describe above and it may cost you a bit more and take a bit more time, but it will be well worth it.

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