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I just got one of those emails that I get every couple of months. It alerted me to the fact that one of my posts on this blog had a spelling error. It happens. And it SHOULD happen to YOU as an information marketer if you are doing what is MOST important.


It would be great if I could create products at the rate I do without making any errors or mistakes. BUT, trying to make things ERROR FREE would slow down the time it takes to produce them. This would NOT be good.

First, I would be prohibiting people from getting access to more material and getting it more quickly. I would also be making less money. Why? Because my speed to produce materials, create blog posts and other activity essential to my business model would me slowed down. NOT GOOD.

If you are perfectionist, it will NOT serve you well in the business of selling info products. The two things just don’t go together.

I’m not saying that you should crank out content and not care about the quality of your work. OF COURSE you should care about quality. But, by quality, I don’t mean obsessing about spelling or minor grammatical errors. You are NOT in 8th grade English class.

NO, YOU are in the business of marketing and selling information products. This business is all about creating great content, in various forms and making it available to others for a fee.

Don’t spend your time trying to make things perfect. There will always be a few mistakes when you try to crank things out the best you can. Don’t do shoddy work, but don’t concern yourself with attempting to be PERFECT.

Follow my advice here and you’ll make more money and have more fun!

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