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I was having a conversation earlier today with my friend and colleague, David Hamilton. He’s also known as the WebMarketingMagician. We were discussing a new site that he’s putting up. He’s offering people a bunch of great stuff that you should check out.

Forgetting for the moment WHAT he’s selling, I’d like to talk about HOW he’s selling it.

For a couple of weeks now, Dave has had up a “demo” or “dummy” site to show people what THEIR site would look like. In virtually all of the places where YOU, the eventual buyer would have text, dave put some placeholder text. Dummy text.

After looking at it a few times, I had a BRILLIANT idea. I think MOST of my ideas are pretty brilliant, but many would disagree. Let’s see what YOU think of this one.

I suggested that Dave replace the DUMMY TEXT with instructions on what to place in the space where the dummy text currently sits. This way, rather than just having a bunch of text there as filler, you would be receiving instruction.

He liked the idea. I think it works and makes a lot of sense.

How can you use this idea? Pretty simple.

Anytime you have to show or demonstrate anything that requires you to put a placeholder somewhere use this idea/concept. It frankly works for video and audio as well as text.

Some of the places on this demo site had videos. I suggested that rather than just grab random YouTube videos to put in that spot, he instead TELL people what they should put in the video itself.

Try this yourself. If you need to demonstrate something as an information marketer, make full use of the “dummy” text to educate and inform rather than just HOLD a PLACE.

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