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I just finished “reading” a book called THE FACEBOOK EFFECT. I put the word reading in quotes because I LISTENED to it while driving back and forth to California. If you sell info products I suggest you read it. It’s been turned into a film that will come out in a month or two. Justin Timberlake has a featured role.

While listening to the book, I had a few REVELATIONS.

Facebook was set up initially as a very CLOSE platform. At first only Harvard students could get on board. Later it expanded to include other schools and then slowly opened itself up to everyone and their brother.

The intent of Facebook was to be able to allow people who were ALREADY friends to communicate. Wow. That has REALLY changed.

Like most people, I saw the number of friends I had as some gauge of how popular or successful I was. I remember hearing a well known guru BRAG about the number of people following him on Facebook.

After listening to his numbers and checking them to verify he was right, I set out to get as many people as I could on my friend list. I FRIENDED any and everyone.

I suspect that YOU or people you know may be doing the same thing.

Now for my prediction. This madness has got to stop. At least in this form. In the not too distant future I see Facebook coming up with multiple friend categories. Just like in real life, we have different TYPES of FRIENDS.

My categories would be VERY CLOSE friends, of which I’d say I have 10 or so. Then after that I have REGULAR friends. People I know personally, but don’t spend a whole lot of time talking to or seeing on a regular basis. I also have ACQUAINTANCES. People I know in passing and may not even recognize if I were to see them in person.

The other category for me would be business friends. The ones I discussed above would fall into the PERSONAL category. In the business category, there are also a couple of level of business friendships. I’d call them CLOSE and CASUAL.

I’ve now enumerated that in my mind I have at least 5 different categories of people that I have as “FRIENDS” on Facebook.

My guess is that they will soon allow us as FB users to create categories or levels of friendship. Each of your friends will be marked or tagged in a way that you can separate them.

If you’re like me, VERY few of my FB friends appear in my feed. I don’t really care about someone I don’t even know telling me what they had for dinner last night.

Why is this important for Information marketers?

You need to understand that people who FOLLOW YOU in your niche have you categorized as well. I hear it all the time when I speak at an event. Someone will come up to me and tell me that mine is one of 2 or 3 ezines and blogs that they actually READ.

They are on other people’s list, but they don’t put them in the same category as me and the other two folks they have CHOSEN.

What does it take for YOU to be CHOSEN? This is extremely important if you are in the information marketing business. To be chosen is to be listened to and watched. People who CHOOSE you take your information seriously. They don’t discard your emails before reading. They actually click on links that you send them. You are a TRUSTED source!

I THINK I know how I have gotten into some people’s inner circles. The one where I’m a trusted source.

I’ve gotten there by not lying. By not over-selling. By giving my honest opinions. By calling them like I see them!

I don’t know if this is the ONLY way to get into that category, but it seems to be working for me. I suggest you consider doing the same yourself!

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