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Gambling and the Information Marketing Business

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As I left Barnes and Noble earlier this evening, I decided it was too early to go home. I was across the street from Sunset Station. My “local” casino. I brought my book and read it while watching the sports updates on TV. If you sell information products, this post may not surprise you. But, it IS accurate.

As I walked around the casino I walked by the table where Three Card Poker is being played. The second hand I watched, the dealer turned over the King, Queen and Jack of Clubs. A straight flush. The highest hand you can be dealt in this game.

IF you as a player had been dealt this hand you would have won 40-1 on whatever bet you placed. Good money.

It reminded me of a trip to this same table a few months earlier. I saw a guy get dealt the 4-5-6 of Diamonds. Another straight flush. He had put down $10 on the hand and was supposed to get paid $400.

I saw a flurry of activity as a bunch of MUCKETY MUCKS from the casino converged on the table. There seemed to be a lot of activity for a guy who had just bet $10 and won $400. The reason for all the commotion would have been clear had I arrived a few minutes earlier.

You see, this was the SECOND STRAIGHT HAND where he had been dealt the 4-5-6 of Diamonds. Not being a mathematician, I don’t want to try and compute the odds of this happening, but my GUESS is that it’s NORTH of a million to one. Naturally, the video camera above the table had to “REVIEW” the play to make sure that no funny business was involved. No collusion on the part of the dealer. No UNDER-HANDED play.

I use this story to illustrate what I see happening when the so-called gurus make income claims for their SYSTEMS that they sell. Many of them claim that YOU TOO can hit a straight flush twice in a row if you only use their system.


It’s not that a person can’t have this happen. It can. I saw it for real at the table. Or at least I saw the second hand and heard about the first.

In the information marketing business MANY people are claiming that YOU will be able to hit two straight flushes in a row. To prove their point they give an example. They point to a person who made a bunch of money . . .FAST.

It would be like the casino putting the guy I saw on a poster (which they no doubt will) and making it APPEAR like this happens all the time. It does NOT!

Don’t be bamboozled into thinking that riches are just around the corner for you if you sell info products. They may be around the corner, but that corner may be a ways away.

Like any other business, it will take time, but there ARE systems that will help you get there. I teach one myself at the Fred Info Bootcamp.

But let me warn you, I’m NOT claiming you or anyone else is going to hit two straight flushes in a row with the same 3 cards!

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