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Google Alerts for Those in the Information Marketing Field

Information Marketing

Those of us who make our living in the information marketing field have a number of regular, pressing issues to deal with.

First is the constant creation of content. In order to WIN this game, YOU have to be constantly coming up with new and innovative content to “serve” your market. In my case, I write a blog post (like this one), 4-5 times a week. Sometimes more. I also send out my regular ezine to my list (Fred Gleeck Insights), 4-6 times a month.

In order for me to maintain credibility as a COACH in the field of information marketing, I have to be WAY AHEAD of the curve in the field.

Google Alerts help me do this. AND, they’re free! Don’t use them? Get on it! They are super simple to set up. All you have to do is go into your Google account and list the keywords that you want Google to send you alerts for. Don’t have a Google account? This feature alone is worth setting one up for.

Included in your keywords should ALWAYS be your own name. This way, you’ll get alerts as to when and where people mention you. You’ll want to know what is being put up on the web that relates to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

I also have Google sending me alerts for the most important keywords in my field. For me, those keywords include: selling information, info products and information products. What are they for you? What are the keywords that you need to follow? Only you can answer that question.

Here’s what comes next. I get an email from Google every day telling me what NEW information has appeared online that have the keywords listed that I’ve asked to be alerted to. I follow the links and read what people are saying. While reading I’m looking for any GOOD and POWERFUL information that I need to share with subscribers to my ezine.

YOU should do the same.

If content is what this game is all about, this is a great place to start. Following the links to the keywords that you have set up in your Google Alerts will provide you with tons of inspiration for content that you can then share with YOUR subscribers.

The second reason I like to have Google Alerts set up for the various keywords in my field is to track trends. By watching what is being newly populated on the web you can get a FEEL for which way the winds are blowing in your particular niche.

This is another important aspect of your business you need to be reporting to your niche.

Third on my list of reasons for having Google Alerts set up is to monitor my competition. If they are smart, they are targeting many of the keywords that you target. AND, presumably they are writing things online using the keywords that you would use as well.

With Alerts set up you’ll be able to subtly (or NOT so subtly) spy on those you compete against. A necessary thing to do as an information marketer.

Those are my top 3 reasons for you to set up Google Alerts. Since they are free, everyone in the field of information marketing should be doing this. If you’re not, get on it quickly. Chances are your competition is starting to pull ahead of you!

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  1. John Dyer on July 19th, 2010 5:22 pm

    Good idea, Fred. Thanks!

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