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Google and Information Marketing

Information Marketing

In the information marketing field, you need to read a lot. I consider it to be part of my “job” description.  A GREAT deal of the time, I’m disappointed. Not THIS time!

Earlier this evening I went by Barnes and Noble. I picked up a copy of a new book called: “Everything I Learned about Marketing I Learned from Google” by Aaron Golman. I didn’t have a chance to read the whole book, but I LOVED what I read. The content is EXCELLENT and his writing style is a lot like mine. I GUESS that may be why I liked it . . . A LOT!

I’ll be reading the rest of the book tomorrow when I have a chance to go by Barnes and Noble again. My Kindle has not yet come in so I can’t get the Kindle version for a while. With this book, I do NOT want to wait.

I’ve read a LOT of STINKERS recently. I hate to sound like a KISS ASS, but this book is VERY good. I’d highly recommend you pick up a copy. Even though I’ve only read the first 5 chapters. It’s nice when you can find a book that has both really solid information with writing that is top notch.

You’ll notice when you pick up a copy of the book that each chapter has a very good summary. This makes it SUPER easy to read and put to use.

Anyone who markets anything should pick up a copy of this book. A lot of great marketing ideas can be gleaned by following Google’s example. Aaron has written a book well worth reading. Also, check out his blog at Lots of good stuff there as well!

Sheesh, I sound like a friggin commercial for this guy. AND NO, he did not pay me!

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