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How to Use Cross-Channel Digital Marketing to Increase ROI

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Good cross-channel digital marketing does two things. First, it reinforces a campaign’s central message across all channels. Second, it helps marketers learn from data gathered from customers across each channel.

In short, in order to boost ROI, a cross-channel digital marketing campaign has to “speak” its message to all channels and it has to “listen” and respond to what each channel is feeding back.


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Understanding Channel Performance: Build the Foundation Before You Execute

No marketer can succeed at cross-channel digital marketing without understanding the different channels. According to an analysis by one industry expert, organic search is responsible for a full 51 percent — more than half — of traffic driven to B2B and B2C websites. Paid search drives just 10 percent and social drives only five percent of B2B and B2C traffic.

Many businesses say they think it is important to understand this dynamic, yet few take any real steps to try to comprehend channel performance before attempting to launch a campaign or institute a policy.

Research shows that 67 percent of businesses prioritize integrating marketing across all channels, but fewer than half have made an effort to understand and adapt to their customers’ journeys. Only 30 percent have developed cross-silo, cross-functional teams to make it possible. Fewer than 20 percent have made any effort to measure the financial impact or the customer-retention impact of cross-channel digital marketing.

Make Sure You Have the Technology to Match Your Campaign’s Ambitions

According to one report, the difference between the businesses that succeed at cross-channel digital marketing and the ones that do not is often found in the sophistication of their respective technologies. Engagement testing, SEO management, bid management, attribution, auto-merchandising and replatforming — and many other “performance marketing” tools — all require technology platforms to operate efficiently.

Take honest inventory of the technology that will be required to support your cross-channel marketing campaign. If you can’t afford the investment, scale back the campaign — don’t try to run it without the right tools. In short, don’t launch a goal-based campaign if you’re not ready to invest in a platform like MediaMath.


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Use the Cloud as Your Content Warehouse

Keep all your cross-channel content in the cloud. This enables you to achieve continuity across all channels, and provide buyers with a streamlined customer experience throughout their buying journey — no matter which channels they touch.

A central, remotely-hosted content hub also allows excellent organization, which is crucial when you’re working with multiple channels. The SalesForce platform, for example, lets users search, categorize and filter content while assigning owners, tags and campaign associations to individual pieces of content. This includes reusable elements like infographic templatesgift certificate templates and slideshow templates.

The first step to boosting ROI through digital cross-channel marketing is to put a premium on educating yourself and your team about the nature of channel performance. To succeed with a campaign that has so many tentacles, content must be centralized and organized in the cloud. Finally, make an investment in software and technology that matches the ambition of your campaign. It is always better to pare back a campaign than to try to run it on insufficient technology.

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