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Information Marketing and “Green Screen” Video

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People who sell info products have what seems to be an insatiable need to USE the latest technology. Regardless of whether or not it will HELP you in your business. I can’t say that I’M entirely immuned from this URGE.

I recently invested in some equipment to be able to set up a chromakey background (commonly known as GREEN SCREEN although you can use the color BLUE as well) to shoot video. When the package came it included a LARGE piece of material. Green in color of course. It took my wife a LONG time to iron it out to remove all the wrinkles.

When we set it up I did a test. After I looked at the test, a few things were very clear to me.

1. It’s a pain in the butt to have to iron out a GREEN sheet. Instead consider getting a “pop-up” green background that does NOT require ironing.

2. You MUST have good and even lighting on the background. Or else it will not look good in the final output, be it a video or still image.

3. Be careful that you wear a shirt that doesn’t cause problems. The only way to know is to test it.

4. Don’t wear or have anything in the shot that is even CLOSE, in color, to the background.

5. Use a chair without a high back. One less thing to try and have to worry about when shooting using chromakey.

6. Ask yourself WHY you are using it before you invest the money.

Number SIX was a biggie for me. When I was all done with the set up, I did a test using an old video of one of my dogs playing in the backyard as my background. It looked kinda cool. I was pretty pleased with myself until my wife jumped in and said: “Wouldn’t it be EASIER and look a LOT better if you just cleaned off your shelves behind you in the office and used THAT as your background?”

Now, wait one second! Please, do NOT CONFUSE ME WITH THE FACTS!!

Her point, was unfortunately, as the English might say, SPOT ON!

Before you go running around buying and trying to find a way to use the latest technology, first ask yourself the basic question: WHY? Do you need it? Will it enhance the message you give to others? Will the person who buys your product BENEFIT substantially from what you’re doing? Will it make it easier and faster to learn something from you?

If the answers to those questions, are mostly NO, step back. Take a chill pill and think about your purchase. Put it off for a while and see if you can do without it. I know I would be a few hundred dollars better off right now had I done that myself.

NOT to say I won’t use what I have. I just won’t use it NOW.

Have you ever used chromakey? What were YOUR results? Was it worth it? Join the discussion and let US know!

Information Marketing

2 Responses to “Information Marketing and “Green Screen” Video”

  1. jurgen Wolff on September 14th, 2010 9:20 am

    Hey Fred, I wish I’d read this before buying my green screen setup (pop out screen, lights)! It’s a pain getting a lighting right and I’ve also resolved to actually use it…one of these days.

    The tech stuff that I do use and recommend: Kodak zi8 camera (just like the Flip but with a mic input), snowball USB mic for podcasts, little Snowball mic that attaches to your iPhone or Touch for on-location audio recording.

  2. Fred Gleeck on September 14th, 2010 1:06 pm

    Jurgen, the pop up green screen would have made things MUCH easier. I really prefer a camera that has a removable SD card. This makes it a LOT more flexible. The Canon Vixia is a bit bigger than either the Flip or the Kodak, but the removable media make it WELL worth it IF you are doing videos at the office. IF you’re traveling, the smaller Flip “types” are MUCH better.

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