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Information Marketing and the Use of Parables

Information Marketing

I just clicked over to some blog that discussed some so-called guru talking in Parables. Me thinks the person involved may have a bit of a JC complex! This is nuts. Everyone and their brother is now trying to disguise poor writing techniques by using some gimmick or ploy.

Don’t try and tell me some kind of a weird story, give me the facts, the meat, the data.

I attempted to read the article and got confused. Confusion is the last thing YOU want to do to your customers. Give them a message. Make it clear. Make it concise. Tell them what to do. Tell them HOW to do it. Don’t confuse them by trying to use gimmicks.

They will see through this nonsense.

I’ve had it up to HERE (see a hand above my head) with all the latest shenanigans from people purporting to be experts in this field. YIKES!

Think of your customers. What best serves them? How can YOU educate your niche in the fastest and most efficient manner. If you have to make up some convoluted story-telling scheme to make this happen, then go back to the drawing board. THINK of your customer. What do they want? How do they want it?

I suspect that VERY few of them would want you to communicate your message in some cryptic fashion that only people who understood the DaVinci code can understand. PS – I’m NOT among them!

Communication is all about getting through to people. NOT looking clever. I try and make you laugh when I post, but NEVER (I hope) at the expense of not communicating the idea effectively. If a story is necessary for me to use in order to illuminate a point, I’ll use it. I will not use the latest PLOY to try and make you think I’m communicating content when I’m really not.

This applies to YOU and YOUR niche.

Make all communication simple and easy to understand. Don’t follow people who want to WEAVE a TALE with some high-minded writing technique that only obscures the message.

Tight, pithy and concise. That’s what you should be shooting for with your niche. Leave all the rest of the gobbledygook to the side!

NOW . . . full speed ahead!

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