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There are a lot of different information marketing associations out there. Some of them are run by some of the well known gurus. Others are run by individuals. The PROBLEM is that many of these associations don’t maintain very strong ethical standards.

If you’re looking for a group to associate with, be very careful. There are a lot of people out there who slap the name association on their group name and are simply in the business of SUCKING MONEY OUT OF YOUR WALLET.

They provide little or no support. Quite frankly, most people who are in the business of marketing and selling info products don’t do a whole lot of “associating.”

Be VERY suspicious of any group that CLAIMS to be able to teach you anything about information marketing. Most of the work you need to do to become world class will not involve you having to associate with others. It will involve YOU having to do HARD work.

Paying some initiation fee to a group is not your ticket to anything but a lighter wallet. Once again, the work has to be done by YOU!

I don’t generally like joining clubs of any sort. Most of the time they just don’t work for me. I suggest that before you join any association, you work on getting your own information marketing act together. This means picking your niche carefully. Developing a line of information products. Setting up a website that sells your info products.

Work on creating your own info products before EVER thinking of joining some association.

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