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Information Marketing is BEST Done “In Person”

Information Marketing

Anyone who sells info products LOVES the fact that most of the work can be done on the computer. I enjoy information marketing because MUCH of what I do CAN be done via the web.

This fact will allow me to move myself and my business out of the US at some point in the future. Most likely, Costa Rica.

The fact that the vast majority of my (and YOUR) work can be done online does NOT negate the fact that IN PERSON selling can be much more effective at closing. It’s still a matter of making the best use of your time. Although it’s pretty obvious that you would have a higher closing ratio in person.

The PROBLEM is all about the fact that you don’t have the TIME to do the majority of your closing face to face. I’m not suggesting that you do ALL of your selling face to face. I AM suggesting that you do SOME of your selling face to face, nose to nose.

Here is my recent example. As you may know if you read this blog or follow what I’m doing in the information marketing area you know that I’ve recently gotten involved with a company that does VIDEO EMAIL.

All of the people who have responded to my “suggestion” that they try the video email SYSTEM are people who I have had discussions with IN PERSON. Very few people have gotten on board who are on my general email list.

But this would be true of virtually ANYTHING that I was touting. The closing ratio would naturally be higher when I was “pitching” people on an idea face to face.

I don’t need to tell a bright person like you (evidenced by the fact that you’re reading this blog post) that you’ll have a higher closing ratio when you do your pitching in person.

So why did I get together with this guy in person? My calculus was based on how much potential FUTURE revenue could be generated IF my guest were to get involved with

YOU need to make a similar calculation. Don’t blow off meeting with people in person. It MAY make a LOT of sense to do so. Just because you are in the business of selling info products doesn’t mean you have to cloister yourself in a small room with very little lighting like a monk.

There are some times when you need to get out and see REAL people. But, make sure you do it when it’s worth your time.

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