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Kindlizing Your Book or Ebook as an Info Marketer

Information Marketing

I’ve recently taken all of my ebooks and KINDLIZED them. This allows me to sell any and all of my books in ebook form on this platform. I am selling them all for less than a buck. This is the LOWEST price that Amazon will allow.


Because it’s not ALL about making money on the book itself. It’s about making money on the back end with related products and services.

It’s just like with a bookstore. If I could get all of my books into bookstores and not make a dime, I would do it. Unfortunately, the ARROGANCE of this channel of distribution has kept my books out the bookstores. Typical! This is why these MORONS are going out of business. They have NO clue how to market.


Understand that putting your book onto the Kindle platform, regardless of price, is one more way you can get to your potential customers. Who cares what price you have to charge for it? It isn’t costing you anything to have other people sell “your” electrons!

Nope, you want to make sure you get your book (or any other product) into as many hands as possible. Doing this will allow you to get exposure to a whole lot more people, which in turn means they eventually have the opportunity to buy your products.

You may not make money off them in this first round, but in subsequent rounds, there is certainly turn your contacts with them into cash.

Your action point? Take everything that you have and try and get it to be sold on Amazon’s Kindle Store. For more information, just go this link.

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