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Kunaki and Garageband for Info Marketers

Information Marketing

I just got an email from a customer of mine. He’s in the information marketing field and was “confused” about the DIFFERENCE between Kunaki and Garageband. When I composed my email answer to his question, I realized that YOU may have the same question.

Here is what I sent him:
Kunaki and Garage Band are two very different things.

Kunaki is all about taking a FINISHED audio product, reproducing it, packaging it and then mailing it out.

Garageband PRECEDES what Kunaki does.

Garageband takes the raw audio files you record and allows you to edit them into an audio program that once completed and imported to ITunes will allow you to FINISH an audio program so it can be SENT to Kunaki.

Remembering that Kunaki will ONLY accept files from a PC computer, and more fully understanding that Garageband and Itunes are Mac programs.

Unless you own BOTH a Mac and a PC, you’ll have to get someone else, a service like www.The to upload your Mac files that you produce in Garageband and export them to Itunes.

Kunaki is a packaging and distribution company. They are not involved in the recording and/or production of an audio program.

I hope this clears this up for any and everyone who may have had the same question.

Information Marketing

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