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There are a lot of different ways for you to make money selling info products. I’ve been in the information marketing business so long that NOTHING surprises me any more. At a recent bootcamp, I had a guy who has made his living as a professional gamble for 20+ years here in Las Vegas. I’m also talking with a potential client that sells a system to teach golfers how to read greens better.

So, when I saw this on Yahoo today, I wasn’t surprised. Click here to read the article. This article proves an old adage I use when I speak at seminars or give speeches. I always tell people to FIND traffic and JUMP in front of it.

YouTube has LOTS of traffic. The question is how to get in front of people. Since MOST people go to YouTube to have fun, not to learn, the majority of people who can make money from YouTube are doing so with LIGHT, FUNNY, material.

If you want to get people to watch your videos on YouTube, keep this in mind. I’ve got a few I’ll be shooting soon that fall into this category. The model here is that if you get hundreds of thousands of people to watch your videos, you can turn that into cash.

The story on Yahoo shows the number of dollars that would result from displaying some banner ads on YouTube videos that got a lot of traffic. I’m not suggesting you CHANGE your BUSINESS MODEL and start making funny videos.

I AM telling you that you need to think about this method of generating traffic. And, understanding how some people are monetizing SAID TRAFFIC.

Take a look. I think it will stimulate your thinking!!

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