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I finished reading a book last night on the topic of blogging. As an information marketer, I wanted to learn as much as possible about the topic. It seems I’ll be doing a lot MORE blogging and wanted to pick up any new tidbit I could.

At some point in the book, the author makes mention of a site that you can join. I put down the book, and log onto the site he directs me to. For a small fee I can become a MEMBER of a community of folks who area interested in the topic.

I conjure up a login name. I create a password. I submit my payment. Through Paypal, which I hate. I don’t like using Paypal for business transactions. To keep my finances neat and tidy I like to use one of two of my business credit cards. But, alas, I’m not ALLOWED to.

First off, this is CRAZY! My suggestion, from over 25 years ago has always been: TAKE THEIR MONEY IN ANY FORM THEY WILL GIVE IT TO YOU!

Obviously, this “prestigious” blogger disagrees. I have to give him money as HE sees fit. Interesting business tactic. I’m sure there’s a reason. AND, I’m sure that his reason has something to do with making HIS life easier.

Not making MINE any easier. Not making it easy for ME to give him my hard earned cash!

So, the last email I received from someone in his “support” group told me (in essence) that the problem was MINE! Her contention was that I had somehow not set up my Paypal account properly. That somehow I was in error.

The only ERROR here seems to be in the lack of options available for a customer to give them money. I don’t get it. I always thought that marketing was, at least partially about making the process of doing business with you simple and relatively painless.

BUT, the illustrious blogger disagrees.

In her email she alludes to the fact that I am one of very few (apparently over 1,000) people who has had problems with their system.

I don’t care! I don’t care if there are a million folks who have had “no problem” with the system. What I care about is ME. AND, I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one who has had this problem.

But, the arrogance of the self-important prevail. Those who feel that their system MUST be best and others must follow on bended knee will not listen to the rumblings of one small man like myself. No, my comments and critique are unimportant. Worthless. Irrelevant.


I have a decent sized audience myself. I only WISH my attorney would allow me to name names in cases like these. But instead, I can only “dish” about my experiences anonymously.

I YEARN for a culture that would allow me to freely talk about experiences like these without fear of legal reprisal!

In conclusion, make it EASY for people to buy from YOU.

Don’t make them feel like I did here. It’s not good business. You have less business. Less referrals. And ultimately, less friends!

PS – I’m returning the book tomorrow. I don’t want to contribute to a “cause” I don’t believe in.

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