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In the past few months, I saw my Google rankings for my “main” keywords go down the toilet. Until recently. Although my assessment my be flawed, everything seemed to turn around when I started blogging more. Not just a bit more, a LOT more. If you sell information products, you need to listen up.

Getting to the top of Google for keywords is important. It’s also important to pick the RIGHT keywords to go after. Words where people who search for them are closest to making a buying decision.

If you’re going to target keywords, then go after those that give you the biggest bang for the buck. That calculus includes both the total number of searches AND those searches where people are much more apt to make a buying decision.

Armed with the RIGHT keywords, I’m now blogging like a drunken sailor. I am doing it as many as four and five times a day. Crazy, huh? NOT when you can see results like I have. Not when I’m rewarded for blogging so consistently.


You see, I can’t be 100% or even 90% CERTAIN that the increased blogging frequency is what is getting me to the top of Google in some of these keyword terms. All I know is that when I started blogging more, my rankings improved fairly quickly.

My webmaster, Stanley, tells me that there were also some additional variables that changed at the same time. I don’t frankly know how much impact those OTHER variables had. All I know is that now I can’t stop blogging.

Yes, it’s become an obsession. I don’t know if there are any 12 Step programs for my current affliction, but I’ll look around.

If you’re in the business of marketing and selling info products, I suggest you TRY doing what I’m doing. It is tough. It is a lot of work. BUT, if you want the reward, you have to pay the price.

I think back to high school and the swim team. The TRULY competitive swimmers were in the pool between 4 and 5 hours each day. My time on the golf course every day never seemed to compare to having to go back and forth and back and forth swimming laps in a pool.


But, those swimmers who put in their time, generally won ribbons at events. It’s no longer about ribbons for me. It’s about being at the very top in my field. That drives me to this blogging obsession.

Should you follow my lead and start blogging more often?

ONLY if you want to move up the Google ranking totem pole. But, I guess for some people, that’s not really that important. For me . . . . IT SURE IS!

BTW, I write ALL of my posts myself. NO ONE helps me. That’s just how I roll!

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