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Just because you’re in the field of information marketing and sell products PRIMARILY online doesn’t mean you should neglect OFFLINE methods of marketing. Here’s a good example.

I got an email from a guy earlier today. He expressed interest in having me do some coaching with him. He’s in the real estate field, specifically in the area of lease-options. After getting his first email he suggested that we speak on the phone.

Normally I don’t do this. My rationale is that most people who want to chat by phone only want to pick your brain and are very UNLIKELY to give you any money. For some reason, I got the “feel” that this guy was different and decided to RISK my most valuable asset – TIME.

We got on the phone and spoke for about 15 minutes. When we were done, he agreed to paypal me $750 before the end of this week. I’m assuming he will. And let’s assume for this example that he does.

My main point here is that frequently, folks who market and sell info products online think that ANY offline effort and work is ill conceived. Hardly the case!

In this case,  spent 15 minutes for what will turn out to be a good bit of revenue. Online and offline means of marketing should be done in TANDEM. Most information marketers are discovering how important it is not to neglect something very basic like direct mail. Just because I do MOST of my marketing online, it doesn’t mean I should forget my ROOTS.

The key to success in marketing and selling information revolves around using every tool at your disposal to get people to buy from you. Online, offline, paid and unpaid. These are the four quadrants of marketing and neglecting any one of them will hurt you.

SO, if you’re involved in marketing and selling info products, don’t forget to use any and all means of marketing to get people to buy from you. Best is when you can use them together like a boxer uses a ONE-TWO punch.

In this case that sequence was: respond via email then follow up with a phone call. Use all the tools you’ve got in your arsenal and your rates of success in this or any business will go WAY up.

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