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PC vs. Mac in the Information Marketing “World”

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As I checked my Google Alerts, I saw something from some guy I’d never heard of before. I clicked through to his page and read his pitch. I then saw a YouTube video that was going to teach me something. Since he is in the same field, selling information products, I wanted to see what he was offering.

After the video started playing I quickly realized how he ASSUMES that everyone watching the video uses a PC. Being a Mac guy this pisses me off. I NEVER assume that people who watch my videos are Mac people. Probably because we are in the minority. BUT, probably NOT for too much longer. All those kids with Ipods and Iphones will SOON grow up!

If you’re marketing and selling info products make SURE you understand that a PC is NOT the only computer on the market. In fact, every time I fly from LAX to JFK the majority of the computers I see being used in Business Class are Macs. A BIG change from a few years back when I was the only FREAK with a Mac.

If you’re giving people instructions on how to use a product, don’t assume they are on (or using) YOUR platform. We still live in two worlds, PC and Mac. Maybe because I’m still in the very vocal minority, I take notice of this all the time.

As you produce YOUR info products, make sure that anything that needs to be explained in both “languages” is. I hate going through instructions on how to do or use something and having to translate it to Mac terms.

It’s very similar to visiting Miami. Assume that the people who visit you are going to need both Spanish and English signs to understand what you mean. You may not like this, but it’s reality.

I’m lucky. I speak Spanish, however, I do NOT speak PC. Don’t leave ME out!!

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