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There are a lot of people who offer seminars and bootcamps on how to sell info products. Years ago, I used to be a speaker at many of these events. Unfortunately, they turned into pitchfests. VERY little true information is given out. The majority of presentations are thinly disguised infomercials.


Yes, if you’ve been to any of these events recently, you’ve been treated to a series of infomercials delivered by clever and compelling pitchmen (or women). They are schooled by a number of teachers who specialize in showing speakers how to get people to buy products without first delivering content.

I get calls and emails from a surprisingly large number of people who have attended these events. These folks report attending seminars on information marketing and “falling into a trance”. As they listened to what APPEARED to be content, they couldn’t help themselves. They “HAD” to buy.

Unfortunately, there are some very powerful techniques that are available that speakers at these seminars use to get people to buy without the speakers first delivering real content. YIKES!

I have met many of the teachers who teach speakers this system. All of the ones I’ve met are compelling CON MEN. They are sophisticated in their techniques. The result is people attending these info product seminars part with their hard earned cash in exchange for BASICALLY NOTHING but the chance to buy more from these seminar speakers.

So, how do you decide which seminar on selling information you should attend?

My suggestion is that you talk with a number of people who have attended any event that you are considering. Including mine!

I hold a number of shorter events each year on both information marketing AND seminar marketing. These are two day weekend events. My MAIN event is offered 4 times a year. It’s called my Fred Info Bootcamp.

I have to be honest, from what I’ve seen I can’t recommend that you attend anyone’s events but my own. I wish this were not the case. The problem is that ALL of the seminars I’ve seen or HEARD about recently pull the same routine. Speaker after speaker get up and deliver infomercial after infomercial.

The result?

People THINK they are getting information, but they are NOT.

Recently, I saw one of these “infomercial speakers” had put up an audio program on I went to check out what it was. What surprised me were the comments made by people who had bought his product. It was the same thing that I complain about with seminar speakers.

The comment made by numerous people who had bought the audio program was that it was “devoid of real content.” They were complaining that it was basically an infomercial, with little TRUE CONTENT being delivered.

So now, in addition to having to watch out for seminars and seminar speakers, you have to watch out for audio programs that you buy. Once again, these are becoming disguised sales pitches. YIKES AGAIN!

When do you finally get the REAL CONTENT and MEAT from these people? I suppose that when you buy their million dollar product! If it were me, I would be VERY careful. Buying from someone who delivers an infomercial rather than true content be it as a seminar speaker or in an audio program cannot be trusted.

Do everyone a favor. Don’t buy from these people!

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