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If I were asked to come up with my SINGLE best idea in the information marketing business, there would be only ONE possible answer. Over the course of 18 months I built a MASSIVE subscriber list by giving away a number of my books in ebook form at In about a year and a half, I got over 75,000 people t opt-in to my list.

So, the question remains: Should you sell information or give it away for nothing? The answer is BOTH!

In order to get people to buy, you have to get them to believe that YOU are a knowledgeable expert in your field. How do you do this? A number of different ways. Testimonials are great. Client lists are fine. But the ONE thing that can SEAL THE DEAL is if you give them some of your “stuff” for free. AND . . . it’s good!

So much of what I see people giving away is AWFUL! They somehow think that since they aren’t charging for it they really don’t have to care how good it is. Bad idea. Some of the major “gurus” are at fault here as well. I’m seen CRAP from them on many an occasion.

First, ask yourself what you’re trying to SELL. Will it be a coaching program? A high priced event? What is it that you want people BUY? I know, you want them to buy everything. BUT, what do you REALLY want them to buy? After they buy THAT?

In my own case, it’s fairly straightforward. I want people to pay to attend a bootcamp and then have some of those folks JV with me.

So, I give away a BUNCH of stuff. Ebooks, audios, videos. A whole bunch of stuff.

What should YOU do? First decide what you REALLY want people to buy. THEN, develop some REALLY HIGH QUALITY stuff to give them for free. Make sure that it’s downloadable.

I’m also going to be looking to ADD to my list of free items at I’m even thinking of asking others to contribute some valuable digital content that fits with my niche.

Give information away for free? Yes. Sell information? Yes. BOTH!

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