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I just checked my email. Here is what I found. A one liner from some guy (who I’d LOVE to name) who says: “Do you want to grow your business?  Do you have serious, defined sales goals?” This GENIUS had gone to one of my information marketing sites where you can fill out a contact form.

That is the line he writes.

Is this method of soliciting business working for him? I sure hope not. NO ONE should give a joker like this anything more than a used stick of gum for this approach.

“Do you want to grow your business?  Do you have serious, defined sales goals?”

No, I’m sitting around all day long eating Bon Bons hoping the Easter Bunny will visit me to let me know that there’s NO SANTA CLAUS.

If this guy were a coaching client of mine I’d say, “So, how’s that approach workin for ya?” My guess, is if he’s honest, he would put his head in his lap and start to cry like a 2 year old.


It’s kinda like the FASHION POLICE. I think there should be MARKETING POLICE. People that will arrest people like this guy for absurd and ridiculous marketing and sales efforts.

Please don’t EVER send me an email like this. You’ll tempt me to start my own personal chapter of the Marketing Police.

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