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Anyone who speaks for a living (or wants to) needs to understand the business of selling info products. Speakers selling info products is nothing new. When I first got into the speaking business I watched the successful speakers. All of them had “stuff” to sell at the back of the room.

The problem is that the VAST majority of speakers, both professional and amateur, have been given BAD advice in this area. Most of the advice they received was from people who didn’t know what they were talking about.

As a general rule, professional speakers are a very trusting group. They tend to believe people and take what they say at face value. I was sitting in what they call a LAB at NSA (the National Speakers Association) a number of years back. The topic was information marketing.

On MANY occasions I had to bite my tongue. The information the speakers gave out was WRONG. Not misguided or slightly off. It was WRONG. The problem is that in this group, the selection of speakers is often made based on friendship rather than competence.

This is ONE of the MAJOR reasons that I RESIGNED my membership from N.S.A. after 20 years.

So the question is: What do speakers need to know about information marketing. What specifically is different about speaking and selling info products?

Speakers are in a great position. They get up in front of people on a regular basis and have the opportunity to get them to TAKE ACTION. The PROBLEM is that most speakers squander their greatest opportunities in front of groups.

I wrote a book called “Selling Products From the Platform” which anyone reading this post can get for free by going to You don’t even need to give me your email address!

Most speakers see their PRIME opportunity as the one where they get their audience members to BUY what they are selling at the back of the room. This will make any speaker some good QUICK cash, but they will miss out on the LONG TERM opportunity with the audience members.

The thing that speakers need to do is understand that the VAST majority of attendees at any of your events will NOT buy your products. So, what do you do, or how do you handle those folks?


Your PRIMARY goal at any speaking gig is to get the audience members to go to a website and HOPEFULLY agree to give you their email address. You’ll have to BRIBE them in order to get them to do this. How? You have to give them something of REAL value for them to take the time to write the site name down and go visit it later.

Whenever I do a speaking engagement, I give out LOTS of different web addresses. The vast majority of these are affiliate links. I don’t give out web addresses simply to make money, but IF there is a product or a service I think will benefit people, I give them a domain name to visit.

In MY case, I use a very specific schema for all of my affiliate links. Everything I give out has the same theme. Its all COOL (name) TOOL Dot Com. So, when I talk about a great new video email system, it’s When I talk about a great new membership piece of software it’s Any and everything that I have an affiliate relationship with uses that same SYSTEM.

If YOU are a speaker, YOU should be following my example. Too much work you say? So I guess making more money LONG TERM isn’t important to you, huh?

I’ll be doing a whole set of blog articles for speakers in the coming months. Make sure and look for them. But for now, follow my lead and set up separate domain names for each affiliate relationship you have.

Of course, I would prefer if you use (also know as to register those domains!!

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