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The Information Marketing TIP JAR

Information Marketing

Have you been to someplace lately where a guy or gal was playing the piano or a guitar? Did you notice that not too hidden TIP JAR that they used? People who sell info products need to understand and use a TIP JAR as well.

Right. It may not have been an ACTUAL jar, but, you get the message. Musicians, more than any group understand that unless they ASK for some money, it will be tough to get it. THUS, the TIP JAR.

Information marketing folks need to understand and use one of these as well. As a group, we’re now famous for giving stuff away for free. Much of it turns out to be crap (not mine of course, but MUCH of it), but I digress.

When you give something away, you’re doing so in hopes of making “real” money later. This is how the system works. You WOW people with your free stuff and then get them to BUY some of the stuff you have that you charge for. I call it The Funnel System.

What if you were to put out your own TIP JAR?

People, if they felt moved to do so, could give you a few BOB as a tip. As a thank you for the free stuff that you weren’t demanding payment for. What could it hurt? I see no downside. Some people will probably tell you that it may look TACKY. They may be right. I just think it’s kinda clever.

I wouldn’t expect to finance your kids education from the proceeds, but I think it’s highly likely that you’ll make a little bit of extra cash. Maybe not much, but every little bit helps.

Your action point? Anywhere that you have a FREE GIVEAWAY, put out a TIP JAR. Let people send you any amount of money they want via paypal. Like with everything in life, very few people will actually give you a dime. However, what does it hurt to ask?

If you don’t understand this concept, talk to one of your buddies who’s a musician. They can explain it to you!

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One Response to “The Information Marketing TIP JAR”

  1. Eugenia Kaneshige on August 6th, 2010 10:44 pm

    I can’t remember who does this, but they actually asked for a small donation if you liked their free webinar. I thought it was good, so I sent them one.

    I’m not sure, but I don’t think I would do it, unless I could direct the money to a charity.

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