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The “Right” Language When Selling Info Products

Information Marketing

I just read a very interesting article I’d like to share with you. It’s all about how LANGUAGE is a bigger factor than price with people making a buying decision. Check out this post.

As an information marketer who grew up overseas, I think this is why I found this post particularly interesting. I’d love to hear from anyone that sells info products in other countries and other languages. What’s been YOUR experience in this “world.”

To me, I wasn’t particularly shocked. If I were Japanese, I would be much more to buy from someone (or a site) that spoke to me in my native tongue. Although this post is somewhat simplistic in it’s analysis, I think it’s very helpful.

Anyone who does any business with people in languages other than their own should take note and read this one completely.

Again, after you read the article, let me know here with your comments what YOUR experiences have been in this area.

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