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The ULTIMATE Tool for Selling Info Products

Information Marketing

The vast majority of sales of info products these days are made online. By that I mean that the sale happens when someone puts their credit card details into an order form and hits the submit button.

BUT, the information marketing business is MUCH MORE than this.

A number of years back I did an experiment. Every time someone ordered one of my products online, I would call them. The first thing I would do is THANK them for the order. Most of the people I called were flabbergasted. Many told me they had NEVER received a call from someone when they had ordered online.

IF they had, it was NEVER from the “guru” him or herself. I use the term GURU lightly. In this case, anyone who created the information product being sold. A call, when received, was always from an underling of said guru.

Makes sense.

The vast majority of these folks have been taught to appear inaccessible. They have been schooled by certain OTHER well known gurus that to actual TALK to a “real” customer makes you look foolish and less GURUISH!

What a load of CRAP!

It’s kind of like the CEO of a major company who hasn’t seen or talked to a “real” customer in 10 years. This is not at all unlikely.

The second reason for the call was to offer them an upsell. After thanking them for their order, and letting them catch their breath that it was REALLY ME calling, I would then try to get them to buy a companion product to what they had just purchased.

The year that I did this, I got a greater than 35% increase in sales.

As is true with MOST people I know, I found some reason NOT to continue doing it. This is crazy and frankly STUPID on my part. If it worked, I have no idea why I decided to discontinue the routine. (BIG NOTE TO SELF: start doing this again pronto!)

The ultimate tool for selling info products online? Combine OFFLINE with ONLINE marketing for a powerful 1-2 punch.

I challenge anyone who reads this post to try this for a few months, maybe even a year. Keep track of your results. I’ll be happy to publish them and give you full credit when you send me your results.

Start picking up the phone when someone orders. Thank them for their order. Then offer them an upsell of some sort.

BUT, you’re not quite done yet. In order to really make this work, say the following: “if you have any problems and need an answer to a quick question, let me give you a SPECIAL email address to contact me at. Send me an email and I’ll help you figure it out, OK?”

This last element is critical to make this work. It does a few things. It encourages actual USE of your product. Most folks who sell information couldn’t give a rat’s behind if people actually USED their products.

Bad move.

A product that is good and actually used will result in MANY more sales to that customer.

To get people to buy more, you have to make sure they use and get results with product #1. If they don’t, they’ll NEVER buy product #2. I have to take that last line back . . . some people will buy any and everything you sell and not even open the package! Read that last line as: download the file or watch a minute of the video.

Another reason for giving people a SPECIAL email address is to give them the feeling like they have a SPECIAL “hot line” to contact you. No matter that this SPECIAL line gets redirected to your REGULAR email address.

When I told this story at my Fred Info Bootcamp earlier today, I used my meeting Sammy Davis Jr. as an example.

When I met Sammy Davis in the late 80s in New York City, he was incredibly gracious. The meeting evolved into one of my signature stories I tell when speaking to groups.

The “punch-line” of the story is that after I met Sammy and shook his hand, he looked into my eyes and said: “Thank you for stopping and saying hi, it’s really important that I hear that from people like you.”

His telling me this made me fell like a million bucks!!

One day while telling the FULL story to a group in Tennessee I had a woman come up to me after my speech. She told me that she had met Sammy Davis twenty years previous. Some time in the mid 70s. I was giving the speech some time in the mid 90s.

She sheepishly approached me and told me about HER meeting with Sammy. She expressed how nice he had been to her. She then told me the line he had used as they finished THEIR conversation. It was almost word for word what he had told ME. Funny! We BOTH thought we were the ONLY ONES he told this to.

In both of our cases, he made us feel special and unique. Apparently he was an expert at making EVERYONE feel that way. I’ve NEVER heard a BAD Sammy story!!

So when you offer to give the person who just ordered from you online your SPECIAL email address, think of Sammy when you say it.

Try the above and let me know your results!!

Combining offline and online marketing when selling information is a great way to move more products.

Now if only I would start doing it again myself. Hopefully, writing this post will help MAKE me do so!!

Information Marketing

4 Responses to “The ULTIMATE Tool for Selling Info Products”

  1. Scott Murdaugg on February 22nd, 2012 12:48 am

    Hey Fred,

    Just stumbled across you’re site and really digging your stuff!

    And you’re absolutely right, small gestures, from a personal email to *gasp* a phone call leave a HUGE impact on customers.

    It’s something they’ll always remember.

    Digging the blog man, glad I found it.

  2. Fred Gleeck on February 22nd, 2012 11:05 pm

    Scott, glad you found it! Spread the word! Go to the site and pick up all the free stuff!

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