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Three Steps to Everything, Including Information Marketing

Information Marketing

As an information marketing type, I’m always on the look out for new tools to help my business. The most recent one I found had to do with video email. Like with most tools, the company behind them aren’t experts at training, they are experts at WHAT THEY DO.

One of the ways YOU or anyone else can make things easier for yourself and your customers is to think in terms of THREE THINGS.

Here’s an example.

I have gotten very excited about video email. When I go the site the company put up I get confused. I have heard others tell me the same thing. My response? Don’t bitch and moan, but fix it. On your own if necessary.

I asked myself what the the THREE things that people need to know about this Cool Video Tool. Here are the three that I came up with.

1. You can send video emails.

2. You can do LIVE broadcasts from anywhere.

3. You can capture names using text messaging.

Naturally, there are a ton of other things that the system can do, but concentrating on THREE THINGS makes everything easier to TEACH and for those who want to learn to UNDERSTAND.

Selling info products is no different. You need to think in terms of THREE THINGS. More than that will make it tough to understand, AND remember.

Another component of the Cool Video Tool system is that people can also make money turning others onto this tool. Again for this group I try and concentrate on finding THREE THINGS that I can have them do to help them find others who might have an interest.

Here I came up with:

1. Send Video emails yourself. You can’t promote what you don’t use yourself.

2. Do Live broadcasts regularly. Use the tools that you’re trying to let other know about.

3. Drop off flyers with every retailer I see. (I have a bunch of different targeted flyers I’ve created for different market niches).

Three things and three things only. Don’t overcomplicate things. By sticking with THREE THINGS everything gets easier to do, teach and understand.

What are you learning? What are you trying to teach? What are you trying to communicate. Think in terms of THREE THINGS. No more. It will get too complicated. Don’t overcomplicate things. Stick to this formula.

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