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Two Things to Look for When Selling Info Products

Information Marketing

I get two checks every month which make me VERY happy. One comes from WebMarketingMagic. The other one is from the folks behind UltraCheapDomains.

WebMarketingMagic is an all-in-one package for information marketers. It is a great program that has virtually everything you want if you’re in this business. It’s also LINK BASED. That means that once you set up those links on a website, it’s VERY difficult to change them.

This is one of the two things I want you to look for in any product or service that you sell. First off, make sure it’s a DAMN GOOD product that will serve your customers well. If it’s not, then the second part of my argument here will make people hate you even more.

Assuming that you are promoting a very good product or service, then I have no problem with that product or service being difficult to unravel or change. This is 1000% the case with WebMarketingMagic. It’s why I’ve sometimes referred to myself as being a CRACK DEALER when selling this program. It’s addictive and extremely difficult to KICK.

What YOU sell should be as well. Make sure that you sell good stuff. BUT, after that, try and make sure that what you sell is STICKY. That once people get IN they have a hard time getting OUT. Kinda like the Mafia!

My second monthly check is from This is where I (and many of my clients – hopefully YOU as well) reserve their domain names.

The second thing you need to look for in an info product you sell is that it is a REQUIREMENT of a business. That people HAVE to have it. It’s not optional. Many professions require that you get a certain number of CEUs every year. If you’re in the business of training people in one of these fields, they MUST use you (or one of your competitors).

Domain name registration is a requirement if you’re in the business of selling info products. That’s why I have a site that offers this service. It’s a GOOD product AND it’s something that everyone MUST have. It’s required.

These aren’t the ONLY things you should look for when selling information, but they are TWO that you must have.

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