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I have started using a new tool in my information marketing business. Initially I was skeptical about it, but I’m quickly becoming convinced that it will help me and can help YOU as well. This particular tool has a number of exciting elements. One of them is video email.

Think about it, most people who sell info products would rather talk than type. In this MTV era, video trumps every other means of communicating. More important to YOU is whether it will help you make more money. Since the purpose of email is to PERSUADE, then you have to look at the results of this new tool.

Every piece of data I’ve seen to date seems to indicate that sending video email is yielding substantial higher click through rates. It’s also increasing conversion rates. In some cases I’ve seen numbers that are over 300% higher.

IF these kinds of numbers hold up for the tests that I do, it will become a MAJOR tool in my arsenal.

In addition to video email, this system, which you can find at, there is also another element of this product. It is a LIVE BROADCAST function. Live broadcasting gives you the ability to take any event and broadcast it to as many people as you want.

You can use this tool for doing simple webinars, but it can’t be used (YET) for showing your screen to others on your webinar. It is PERFECT for broadcasting a LIVE event like a seminar or workshop. I’ll be using this tool for allowing people who can’t travel to my events to be able to sit in and watch them remotely.

If you combine this system with a protected page, you could use this system to get people to PAY to view your live event from a remote location. This is an exciting development. Sure, there have been similar tools like this in the past, but none as simple and easy to use as this one.

I have spent a LOT of time with some of the “bigshots” in the company. I feel confident to recommend them. This could provide information marketers with a competitive advantage in this world of selling info products.

If you’re on my list, you’ll start to see video emails coming your way. This will be my new way of communicating with people. I strongly believe that this is the future and feel you should get on board with this new technology.

The nice additional element of this system is that as you send out emails, you”ll also get paid for others who start using this system. That’s a nice additional element of this system. It will become one of my 100 checks a month that I’m quickly moving towards.

I think it will be a good idea for YOU to look at as well. Again, check it out at

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