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Video Quality and Info Product Production

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I spoke to a old friend earlier today. He and I had been involved marketing and selling information to video producers many years ago. When the discussion turned to video, he brought something up I’d like to share with you.

Everyone and their brother is running around trying to get the highest resolution camera to film their next video, seminar or event. This is NUTS. Even if you are shooting your video with the intent to turn it into a DVD, you don’t need to go over the top.

In fact, I’ve gotten rid of MOST of my really high end video cameras. I have no use for them. The image that I get when using my Canon Vixia that I bought for around $500 is more than sufficient.

Most of what I shoot is delivered online. There is no need to have super high resolution when delivering the video online. In fact, it will hurt you. Longer load times and huge file sizes.

Even when I do turn the video footage I take into a DVD, the standard definition is MORE than enough when working with HOW-TO material.

I still own a lot of video production gear. Most of it I don’t use. Once again, it’s not the quality of the gear you use but the quality of the content. Don’t get the two confused. You can also spend yourself into oblivion keeping up with the latest and greatest gear they put out.

Remember that good enough is just that. GOOD ENOUGH!

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