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What We Can Learn from Google About Selling Info Products

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If you sell info products, you need to carefully watch what Google does. But wait! They are a big, huge, company and you and I are small, scrappy entrepreneurs! True, but the MODEL they use is crucial for anyone who markets and sells information products to know, study and understand.

I’m a MAC guy from way back. I own multiple MAC computers and an Iphone. I like their technology and want them to succeed.

I just watched an interview with Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. He was on a recent episode of the Charlie Rose show. Although I’m not a big fan of Charlie’s interviewing skills, I am a HUGE fan of the guests he’s able to get.

Charlie was asking Schmidt about the Android operating system. His answers made clear a very important point for anyone who is in the business of marketing information. Google’s strategy is to give EVERYTHING away EXCEPT it’s very direct, very targeted advertising.

They put together Google maps. For Free. They put together the Android operating system, which they give away. They let us share documents using the Google Doc system. It’s all great AND it allows us to make use of their technology in exchange for our having the OPPORTUNITY to PAY them for their CORE BUSINESS.

What’s YOUR core business? What is it that you really do? What do you REALLY sell? What do you REALLY want people to pay you for?

In my business, I’m looking to get paid for a few things. First, high priced events. Most of which I hold at my house. Second, I want to get paid a PERCENTAGE for helping a select group of information marketers build THEIR business.

What about you? What’s your core business that you want to get paid for? Knowing that, what can you GIVE AWAY to slowly and methodically SEDUCE people to buy the products and services you want them to buy?

It’s a KEY question.

Google has shown us what the model is. The question for everyone who studies this model is to really understand WHAT they are selling. Then creating things to GIVE AWAY that make the possibility of people spending money on THOSE products much more likely.

It’s not a bad model to emulate. After all, Google has made it work FAIRLY well!

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

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