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I just read my second article today that “borrowed” some information directly from one of my products. If you’re in the business of selling info products, you’ll find that this happens a lot. For some reason, people don’t feel they should give others credit for an idea.


No one has a monopoly on GENIUS. But, that being said, I think I know a few who may have an oligopoly on INSANITY. But, I digress.

Whenever I find a great idea I’m more than happy to give credit to the person who originated it. It seems only fair. I remember back in English class in high school. They scared the BEEJESUS out of us to NEVER use someone else’s idea without footnoting and giving credit.

I think this may be the reason for my intense feelings about the matter. If Freud were still alive, I’m sure he’d want to put me on the couch for this one.

I don’t remember who said it, but it wasn’t MY idea that very few of us every have a SINGLE original thought in our entire lives. To many this may get them disheartened. To me it just seems like a fact of life. My real skill has always been that of a TRANSLATOR of great ideas. Taking really good concepts and making them easy for people to understand.

If you market and sell info products in any niche, I would encourage you to GIVE CREDIT to others for ideas when you use them. Why? For a few reasons.

First, its the RIGHT thing to do. Stealing is stealing, whether it’s a Colt 45 from 7-11 or a way to get more people to your website. It’s just wrong! At least “borrow” a Michelob!

Second, when you DO give credit, people who are reading or listening to your material will be surprised. Virtually NO one does this in the information marketing field. They somehow have the need to make everyone think that THEY are the definitive intellect on any topic of note. Not me. I like telling people I “stole” an idea from this or that person. When others do it in their products, it generates brownie points from me.

Third, when you do it correctly, you can financially benefit. I see nothing wrong with mentioning a great idea that JOHN DOE came up with and then giving your customers an affiliate link to buy more of his products. Nothing wrong with that. Just be up front about the fact that you’ll be making money if they buy. Customers don’t care as long as their price doesn’t go up as a result. Think they will leave you forever after that? Then buck up. Create more great content! They will be back if you do that.

There are other reasons, but three is enough. Don’t take people’s ideas and claim them as your own. Years ago I used to have a great line about REVERSE SHOPLIFTING. It’s where you go into a bookstore (that doesn’t carry your book) and put them on the shelves in the right section. If you’ve got a bunch of strong bouncebacks in your book, you’ll make money on the BACK END.

I always finish that story saying that I STOLE the idea from a guy named Greg Godek, who wrote the book: “1001 Ways to be Romantic.” NO, it was NOT MY idea. But, it’s a really good one!

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One Response to “When You Sell Information Products – GIVE CREDIT!”

  1. an idiot abroad on December 20th, 2010 8:38 am

    Perfect article! I am only beginning out in marketing and advertising and attempting to learn to perform it nicely – assets just like this guide are very valuable. As our business is primarily based in america, it’s all a little new to us.

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