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Which Internet Marketing Strategies Should YOU Use?

Information Marketing

If you’re selling info products, you’re probably getting bombarded with tons of offers for all kinds of things. I get a LOT of SEO offers. I also get all kinds of OTHER offers related to internet marketing.

In the past, I tended to just IGNORE all of them. A while back, I started paying more attention. I wanted to see the kinds of offers that people like YOU and ME get on a regular basis.

I thought it would be valuable for you to know which internet marketing strategies I think are worth doing. You only have a limited amount of time to spend on marketing your business. Given that’s true, you better make the right choices. Here are where I think it IS worth spending your precious time.

Getting better SEO ranking is a worthwhile thing to do. The problem is that most of the firms CLAIMING that they can get you top rankings in Google may or may not be able to do so. Most of them will give you NO guarantees. And certainly NO guarantees on KEEPING your top rankings over a long period of time.

I would suggest you concentrate on getting better SEO rankings by blogging like I do here. I’d ignore offers from all of the SEO firms who claim they can get you good Google rankings.

You’ll be solicited for web design as well. With WordPress sites and the themes you can get for them, web design folks are no longer necessary. IF you do work with one of these folks, make sure that you don’t pay more than you have to. A WordPress site is free to set up and a theme for WP sites can be found for free as well.

So the next time you want to do a redesign of your site, don’t overpay. Get someone to convert your site to WordPress and pick out a theme you think matches your message. Some of the themes are free and some are paid.

If you’re in internet marketing you’ll also get solicited for people who will write articles for you. As a writer, I’m always suspicious of people who claim they can write “SEO friendly” articles of 300 words for $5 or less. How good can they be?

Never use BUDGET writers for your main site. IF you want to use cheap writers, use them ONLY for writing articles that go on specific article sites.

There you have it. A few things in the field of internet marketing and how to decide what to do. Any questions??? Comments??

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