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Why Affiliate Marketing Makes Sense for MOST Information Marketers

Information Marketing

Doing information marketing results in some crazy things happening. A number of years ago, I put a NOW well known guru together with a company I do work with. As a result, I get an ongoing piece of everything this guy sells. I no longer particularly like this guy or his business practices, but I am getting close to $50,000  a year as a result of making this introduction.

Not bad.

Affiliate marketing is a two way street. You can either sell other people’s products or services and get a commission, OR, they can sell yours and you give them a piece of the action. For most people who sell info products, this makes a great deal of sense.

Let’s look at this from both sides of the equation. First, if you sell your own products, it’s always good to offer products from other folks that you may not have or want to create. Make SURE that you have properly vetted the folks whose products you hawk to make sure that the products are good and the people behind them are ethical. NOT easy to find these days.

Another reason why selling other people’s STUFF makes sense is that many times you’ll get stronger sales selling someone else’s material. People who read your blog or ezine are suspicious of YOU hawking your own stuff. They don’t feel as comfortable buying as when you make a recommendation for people to buy someone else’s products or services. Human nature I guess.

If you crank out a lot of products like I do, it’s also worth considering offering your own products for others to sell as an affiliate of yours. Why not? It’s a straight commission sales arrangement. If they don’t sell, they don’t get paid. To you, it’s a variable and not a fixed cost. No harm trying.

For some of my products, I have a CLOSED affiliate program. This is where I only allow certain people to sell my products and services. There might be some instances where you do or consider doing likewise.

Every time I get a check or see a deposit made to my PayPal account from one of these folks, I smile. All I did was make mention of a product I thought worthwhile. Someone who likes what I have to say and trusts my opinions, bought SAID item. Then I got paid. Nice!

There are probably some information marketing types who should NOT be involved in selling products as an affiliate. In either direction. There are some individuals who feel strongly that you should neither sell other people’s products or have others sell YOUR products. They feel it’s somehow unsavory. Don’t ask me why. That’s just how they feel.

I can see creating a CLOSED affiliate program if you want to be CAREFUL about who you allow to sell your products, but not doing any of it at all doesn’t make sense to me.

PLEASE make sure that you REVIEW any and all products that you promote BEFORE you promote them. Many people who sell info products don’t do that. CRAZY, but TRUE! It’s ultimately YOUR reputation on the line when you offer products to your list and devotees. Give them a bad recommendation, and lose their trust. Possibly forever!

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