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Why COACHING Should be an Element of Every Information Marketing Plan

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For me and my business, coaching is an integral part of my information marketing plan. I wanted to give you a list of WHY I think coaching should be an essential element for EVERY information marketer.

Here is my list:

1. You Learn What You Teach. You’ve heard this line many times before, but it’s 100% true. You will learn what you have to teach. Want to perfect your own craft in any field or endeavor? Start teaching it to others.

2. You Learn FROM Those You Teach. In addition to getting paid to coach people, I learn a LOT of NEW and USEFUL things from them myself. Things that help my own info products business. What I learn from one coaching client is often very applicable to other clients I coach. BONUS!

3. Coaching Provides Variety. I spend a lot of time creating and developing products. I get a big kick out of doing this. BUT, if it was ALL I did, I would get bored. Coaching is a different kind of work than product creation and design. I would NEVER want to do it ALL the time, but when I do it I enjoy the break from my other WORK. (If you can even call it that!)

4. It’s Lucrative. Coaching, depending on the model you use can be very lucrative. I have two basic models. One when people approach me and the other when I want to work with someone and I initiate contact. When someone approaches me, I have a very specific way I work with people. I detail this “system” at The Product Guru site.

As for my coaching model when I approach someone, it is very different. That discussion is better left for a subsequent post. Suffice it to say that both methods can be very financially rewarding.

5. It Feels Really Good. Of all of the work that I do with people (and for myself), coaching is one of the most rewarding. Sure, I’m getting paid, but it feels really good to help others succeed. I understand how college basketball coaches feel when they WIN!

6. It Helps You to Coach Yourself. As you give others advice, it helps you to critique and question your own efforts. As a result of a coaching session recently, I made some significant changes to my own business. Coaching others will help you look at your own business differently. That will hopefully produce some pretty powerful results.

7. It Has Become an EXPECTED Option. If you’re in the business of marketing and selling info products and you don’t offer coaching, people will wonder: WHY NOT? This is certainly not my primary reason for offering the service, but people do EXPECT me too. Rather than push a string uphill, go with the flow and do what people want you to do.

8. Coaching Positions You as the Expert. I’m not big into the whole concept of positioning, but I do acknowledge that positioning counts. For how much, I’m not sure. That being said, offering coaching services makes you look more knowledgeable to the “outside” world.

9. Coaching Leads to MORE Coaching. There are few products in your information marketing arsenal that will provide more referrals. Being an effective coach will get people talking about you very favorably.

There you have it. Nine great reasons to do coaching if you’re in the field of marketing and selling info products.

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One Response to “Why COACHING Should be an Element of Every Information Marketing Plan”

  1. Nancy Boyd on July 13th, 2010 1:23 pm

    For some technical people, the idea of being in that close of contact with individuals can be intimidating, much the same way it is with being on video.

    Such a person could have several options:

    1) Take a coach training program to prepare.
    2) Find a partner who IS a coach, who can handle the coaching portions — perhaps in a strategic alliance of benefit to both.

    If you feel coaching is a necessary addition to your business model, it’s an area that lends itself well to careful and thoughtful outsourcing to the right partners — or an area where you can develop your skill set.

    Just as you have personal strengths and weaknesses, so does your business. For some solopreneurs, “wearing all the hats” doesn’t work out so well. That’s why alliances, joint ventures, and strategic partners can help one another leverage their strengths better.

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