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Why SO Many Don’t TAKE ACTION When It Comes to Selling Information Products

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Last night I was having a discussion with a good friend about the field of information marketing. We were discussing WHY the VAST majority of people do NOT take action and do something in this field.

Here is some of what we came up with.

Unless someone is already working full time in this field, they MOST likely have a full time J-O-B. That means that have to work on their info product business when they get home from work. After feeding the kids and walking the dog and watching the news, they are tired. Not particularly motivated any more to do what it takes to get or keep this business going.

So that’s ONE possible explanation. People are tired and don’t have the time.

Still others are willing to put in the time, but they choose the wrong person to follow. They take advice from someone who makes them BIG promises and then doesn’t deliver. Sound familiar. To many people this will ring true. If that’s you, sorry, but you’re now ANGRY at the world and more specifically “ALL THOSE IDIOTS WHO SELL STUFF ONLINE.”

There is another group that has the time and thought that this business didn’t require any REAL WORK. They work a full time job and in another 14 years will be eligible to receive a pension. They didn’t REALLY want it in the first place because they are basically “corporate types.” People who DREAM about the entrepreneurial life, but aren’t willing to DO what is necessary to make it happen.

Another set of people are just friggin lazy! They have the time, but aren’t willing to work because they don’t like work. These are the people who responded to someone online promising them millions with no work. This group would be far better off playing the lottery every week. A “dollar and a dream” is better plan of action for them.

So what are the REAL numbers? The numbers that most of your GURUS won’t give you for fear you won’t buy from them?

I have to be honest, the odds are pretty STEEP against you. If I were to GUESS, I would say that for every 100 people who WANT to get into this business, about 2 or 3 will actually make SOME money. Pretty SICK odds, right?

Want to know if you’re one of the lucky 3%?

Look at the descriptions above? Do any of those groups describe you? If so, I wouldn’t even bother. Stick to what you’ve got right now. Investing your time, energy and money in this business will most likely be a losing proposition. Don’t give ME or ANYONE who asks for your credit card the number.

Don’t buy a thing! Just keep doing what you’re doing. AND, pray that Social Security and your pension will there when it’s time to “retire.”

Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

7 Responses to “Why SO Many Don’t TAKE ACTION When It Comes to Selling Information Products”

  1. Richard Kaulfets on September 13th, 2010 7:50 pm

    You have a point about how much work one will put into this or any other business venture. of course I still need people to want a job so I can get more done with my time and this people are still in luck because I teach them how to make the most out of here nice 40 hour a week pay.

    Business is not for everyone just as you said.

  2. jurgen Wolff on September 14th, 2010 9:15 am

    Sadly, the field attracts a lot of scam artists. People look at those copies of the guy’s bank account showing millions coming in and they don’t stop to ask: 1) Is this real or fake? 2) Even if it’s real, how much did this person spend on pay per click, commissions, and other expenses to build their huge mailing lists? 3) how many refunds did they have to make?

    However, I think your 3% figure is about right for any field–3% of the people who set out to write a book actually go all the way, 3% of the people who set out to open a restaurant, etc.

  3. Fred Gleeck on September 14th, 2010 1:02 pm

    Richard, I’d agree with you with regards to working for OTHERS. My goal is to help others work for themselves, and like YOU said, that entrepreneurial route is NOT for everyone. CLEARLY!

  4. Fred Gleeck on September 14th, 2010 1:04 pm

    Jurgen, yes, the numbers are ALWAYS interesting. Particularly when looked at in ISOLATION. Your 3 points are VERY True. Whether it’s 3% or something close, there are FAR too many who don’t do ANYTHING! Too bad.

  5. Katherine on September 14th, 2010 5:10 pm

    When you & your buddy were strategizing & doing the numbers, did you decide how many hours a week most people would need to dedicate to the field (information marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, building a website)in order to get such a good foothold that pretty soon it would be so attractive & productive (having achieved a tipping point) that they would realize this was indeed worth their time, and just as important as say their FT job? (whew — )

  6. Fred Gleeck on September 15th, 2010 2:31 am

    Katherine, the problem (or opportunity) is the time spent on a full time job are to generate income ONCE. When you put in your time with information products, you put in the time (based on how much you are willing to work) ONCE and get paid MANY times. I have an ebook that wrote over 10 years ago in the self storage industry. I still sell a copy for $99 every month or so. The MORE time you put into your info products business, the quicker you’ll be able to do it full time. Also, you’ll have RESIDUAL income coming in from then on.

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