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When you sell info products you need to have Google Alerts set up. Alerts should be set up for any of the keywords that you want to rank for. I do this myself and recently started reading some of the blog posts I saw people making for some of the keywords that I rank for.

It appears that the vast majority of the posts are made to try and get better Google rankings. The only problem is that the QUALITY of the post are SUSPECT, to say the least. When you start reading the vast majority of them it becomes obvious that the ONLY reason that people write the posts is to get rankings.

This is NOT good!

Let’s assume that you DO get a lot of people to visit your site because of the blog posts you put up. People click on the link and find your post. They read it and are UNDERimpressed. Since their only reason for writing the blog was to “trick” Google into ranking them for a given keyword.

They get there, read the post and then NEVER visit your site again. Not good.

If you are using blog posts primarily to try and get rankings, you’re in trouble. People MAY visit your site ONCE, but the real value in doing blogs posts is to get repeat visitors. The only way to do that is by writing high quality blog posts. Those which people will want to read and refer others to.

You don’t have to be a brilliant writer to create high quality blog posts. You DO have to create content that readers REALLY want to read. Do this by truly getting to know your market and your readers. Without a true knowledge of the group you serve, you’ll have a hard time writing blog posts that both get you good rankings and get people who want to come back and read more.

I refer to the majority of the blog posts I’ve seen as MERCENARY blog posts. They are ONLY created for the purpose of trying to get Google rankings. BAD idea. It’s not worth your time to create posts solely for the purpose of ranking for a keyword term.

You may get people to your site once, but NO MORE.

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