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Your Own TV SHOW as an Information Marketer

Information Marketing

If you do information marketing in ANY niche, this post is for you. I have recently started my own TV broadcasting channel. It’s available for you to see at: I suggest that YOU follow my lead.

For $100 a month I can now broadcast any message I want, 168 hours a week. This is GREAT news for anyone who markets and sells info products.

If you look at my site, you can see that you can, like a “real” TV station archive your presentations for future viewing. This means that when you do your live recording you can decide, after you record it, if you want to KEEP IT for future viewing.

Not so many years ago, this technology was available but out of the question in terms of the price point. NOW, everyone can have their own TV show. The question will STILL be: Can you fill your time with valuable content? For a full 168 hours? I think not. Not even CNN can do that! HA!

But, you could certainly improve your marketing efforts by doing a live broadcast 5 nights a week, or once a week if you prefer.

All you need is a computer and a webcam. As a MAC user, like me, you already have everything that you need to run your own TV show.

As you do your live TV show you’ll also be able to show a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate your message.

If you’re a professional speaker, this is a MUST. If you’re an author, this is a MUST. If you’re any variety of information marketer, you’ll be well served to do a LIVE TV show!

You’ll also be able to develop new content quickly and easily. I suggest you don’t do all these broadcasts on your own. You can also do a TV show where you interview someone else. It’s your choice.

Take a look at my site and sit in on one of my live broadcasts. I do them regularly ever Wednesday at 11AM PST at

If you want to set up and do your own LIVE TV SHOW, get in touch. I’ll show you how I do it!!

Information Marketing

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