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If you’re looking for someone to coach you get into and/or succeed as an information product marketer, then here are some tips to follow:

1. Make sure that people have actually done what they teach. There are all kinds of people out there claiming they can help you build in information marketing business. Be suspicious. VERY suspicious. Ask to see the data and their results.

2. Make sure that the info marketing coach can TEACH. Many people are fairly good at what they do, but can’t teach it worth a darn. How do you know? Read their materials. Go through some of their info products. That should be a sure sign of whether or not they can teach.

3. Spend some time with the before you get started. A non-negotiable pre-requisite of mine for coaching someone in the field of information products field is that they come to one of my Fred Info Bootcamps. This allows me (and them) to have a full week to determine if we are a good match.

4. Integrity is critical. If your gut tells you something is wrong with a particular info product marketer, then go with your gut. For as long as I’ve been marketing and selling information, I’ve seen a ton of people who play fast and loose with the facts. Make sure and thoroughly vet anyone you consider coaching you in the info products business.

5. Make sure you have a personality match. It’s not just about competence. You have to get along with the person who is coaching you in the information marketing field. Without a good match in that area, you will not succeed. How do you figure out if there is a match. Again, spend some time with the person and look at them from every perspective not just their skills or knowledge as an information marketer.

Hope these help!

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