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I just got off the phone with my friend and “mentee” Bob Bly. I’ve known Bob for a while now and we trust each other 100%. Relationships are a key element of success when you are marketing information products. If you build some very solid friendships and business relationships with people in your field, it will yield long term, future results. If you’re looking for a quick hit, this is NOT a productive strategy. BUT, if that’s how you feel about things, you shouldn’t be reading this blog! Mutual trust is not developed overnight. You must demonstrate to the other party that you have a similar philosophy to them. Only after you do that will things really start to take off. 

What about people who aren’t “important”? Is it important to cultivate relationships with them? Ask the people who were early supporters of Barack Obama. Better yet, ask them how that worked out if he wins the election. In politics, early support of the eventual winner is a TICKET to whatever marginally legitimate appointed job you want. If some friend of mine gets elected president, make me Ambassador to the Philippines! I’ve seen the life those guys live. I want some!

Relationship building is not quick and easy. If you’re in the info products for the long haul, this system will work. If you’re a fan of some of the make a million dollars next week gurus, then completely ignore the above.

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