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There are a variety of ways to generate traffic for your information product business. In order to make it easy when I do an info product seminar I break it up into: PAID and UNPAID; ON and OFFLINE methods. 

Here’s how I see it. None of the techniques I show you will be worth a damn if you don’t use them. So step number one is to look at all of the various techniques and ask yourself what you would find fun and easy to do to promote your info product business.

In the area of PAID traffic generation (online) for your info products I would suggest a few courses: 1) Google Adwords; 2) Yahoo paid search; 3) MSN paid search and 4) Select advertising in Ezines.

In the area of PAID traffic generation (offline) for your info products I can only recommend that you send postcards and test other direct mail to your existing list. I would send to both buyers and non buyers. Make sure to test small. There is no quicker way to kill an information marketing business than to run out of cash to pay for your various means of marketing.

In the area of UNPAID (online) efforts the two that I would suggest for marketing your info products would be: 1) Search Engine Optimization and 2) Online PR like PR Web. I have found both of these to be tremendously helpful to me. They are both topics that I will discuss in DEPTH in future issues of this information marketing blog. So stay tuned.

As far as UNPAID (offline) methods of promoting your info products business, the best one in my opinion is to speak at other peoples seminars and events. I have done extremely well doing that. If I don’t sell people any of my own information products at the event, I inevitably capture a LOT of names.

Now, go do something!

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