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Information Products Bulletin

Information Marketing

Here is an information products bulletin. There is only one way to make it BIG in the selling of info products. That is to give people what they want. I don’t care how good a product you have or claim to have, unless your customers are in the “mood” to buy, nothing will be sold and no money will be made.

How do you make sure that you are producing info products that people will buy? You need to ASK THEM! This seems so painfully simple, but asking people what they want, producing it and then selling them to the people you asked seems like such a simple formula.

Do you need to be asking people in a FORMAL survey situation? Not at all. You can be asking people in a variety of ways. Some of them formal, but many of them informal.

Whenever I get a customer or potential customer who sends me an email, I always answer them and ask them a question. It may appear that I’m just a nice and caring guy (which I am) but I’m also very interested in finding out through this informal means, what I should be producing next.

Every time I’m a speaker at a seminar or event, I always sit with some of the attendees, NOT the other speakers. Why? Because I want to find out what people are interested in buying. This is the best FOCUS GROUP you can have. A group of highly motivated people who have paid money to attend an event who will give you a very solid idea of what you should produce and sell to them.

If you are really motivated, it’s also a good idea to pick up the phone and make some outbound calls to both prospects and customers to find out what they need. Then see if you can produce a product or service that will give them the ANSWERS that they need.

So the information products bulletin is this: LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! Don’t think that you know what people will buy. Ask them and then produce what they tell you they want and need. This will give you the highest probability of success.

Nothing is better than producing information products knowing in advance that they will be sold. That’s the absolute best way to do business.

Follow these guidelines and your sales of info products will go way up. I look forward to seeing you at the next event or seminar I do to hear YOUR feedback!

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