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Information Products For Seniors

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I saw a whitepaper on the subject of information products for seniors, and it had some interesting things to say. Richard N. Tooker of the KBM Group published the whitepaper, including the following facts:

“The ‘Silver Tsunami’ is coming. From now until 2025, someone in America will turn 60 every seven seconds. This enormous bulge in the population curve (sometimes metaphori­cally described as ‘a pig going through a python’) means that the number of Americans who have reached ‘senior’ status is climbing rapidly, and will contin­ue to do so for years to come. Companies have an unprecedented opportunity to grow their business, but to do so, they must learn how to effectively market to the senior population.”

info marketing for old people

Information Products For Seniors

Well, I don’t know about you, but that picture of a pig going through a python is going to stick with me for a while! It’s going to help me remember that burgeoning senior market, and to produce new information products targeted to the senior population now. There are some pretty basic guidelines for writing and speaking to Baby Boomers (technically, that’s anyone born between the years 1946 – 1964) and failing to know and follow them will NOT contribute to your success.

Here’s Tooker on the topic again:

“They don’t feel old, they don’t want to get old, and they resent anyone who treats them like they are. To marketers, this means that something as basic as how a product is named can have a dramatic effect on results.”

Wow, that’s eye-opening if you hadn’t considered it before now.

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