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No matter where you are in the process of creating, marketing and distributing information products, it always makes sense to CONSIDER selling products not owned by you. There are a slew of people, including myself, who will grant you the rights to sell “our” products.

Becoming an affiliate for someone’s products is the basic way to market someone else’s products without a lot of time, energy or money. They have a site, you send people on your list their way, and then collect a commission for everyone who buys.

That works, but if you are going to end up selling a lot more units, there might be a MUCH better way. A DIFFERENT way that will make you a LOT more money! How? By buying resell rights to the product that you like.

Here is how I do it. Other information marketing “gurus” in various fields, may do it differently, but here is what I do.

My best example is the products that I do with my friend and mentee, Bob Bly. Every product that Bob and I create together is available for YOU to license. You can pay me a fixed fee of less than $1,000 and get the rights to sell a copy of one of our programs.

You can sell as many units as you like and not pay us ONE DIME MORE than your up front fee for the license. The ONLY thing you can’t do is change any of the content. The program must be sold in it’s entirety without any changes being made.

This way, I get to keep all the traffic that results when I promote my other products and services. A great deal for both of us. I get an infusion of CASH up front, you sell a boatload of products and keep ALL the money from the sales you generate. I will also end up making more money from the people who follow the links or suggestions and end up buying something else.

A good deal all around for both of us.

Many who sell info products are scared to do this. They think that if they were to sell the resale rights to their info products that it will somehow hurt them. I personally can’t see how. You may lose a few sales to people who are on both lists, but other than that I can see NO downside to doing it.

I am certain of my beliefs here because I would be happy with this arrangement no matter which side of the fence I was on. I’d consider this deal just as FAIR if I was the one purchasing reseller rights to YOUR info products.

There you have it. If you find a product YOU really like, consider buying the resale rights!

Consult With Fred Gleeck

Want to get some advice DIRECTLY from me? Find out how I can help you (one-on-one) with YOUR business. The rates are surprisingly affordable!

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