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International SEO for Info Marketers

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We’ve looked at this topic a while ago, but I want to mention it again today – Google is NOT the top search engine all over the world. There are huge search engines that dominate China and other countries, so we have to keep that in mind when we optimize our information marketing sites to attract international traffic. Let’s talk about international SEO for info marketers again.

Crispin Sheridan lists three important reasons to give consideration to reaching into international markets via the web in his post on ClickZ recently, and I follow his points with my own comments:

“ 1. Understand your goals and target markets. [Is your information marketing topic relevant in China? Are your info products translated into Mandarin? ]

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International SEO for Info Marketers

2. Choosing a format – domain vs subdomain vs sub-directory. Once you’ve identified the countries to target first and a roadmap has been developed, the next consideration is how to present the in-language content. Should content be held on your current domain within a subdomain or subdirectory or should you develop on an entirely new ccTLD (country-coded top-level domain like [ This is a technical but crucial topic for your webmaster to handle if you are not building your own sites.]

3. Avoiding duplicate content and properly targeting audiences. Another common question faced with targeting specific countries and languages falls around content duplication. Will content that has been translated from English to French, for example, be flagged as duplication? The short answer is no.” [Matt Cutts at Google mentioned that providing the same content in more than one language is NOT duplicate content as far as Google is concerned. But what about other search engines? Do we even know the answer to this issue yet?]

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