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Internet’s Inventor Wants to Help Your Information Marketing

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Believe it or not, he’s disappointed with his invention. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the word wide web wants to see more innovation happening faster and better. I’ll admit he’s in a pretty good position to have strong opinions, wouldn’t you agree? The innovations he champions boil down to an encouraging, basic reality – the internet’s inventor wants to help your information marketing succeed.

Berners-Lee believes that social media platforms are putting people into boxes and that our comments and bright ideas should be more easily accessible, globally. OK.  I think his mind is ‘way ahead of the rest of us when he says, “The world wide web is a platform and humanity does what it can with it… There’s lots of people who think we could do more. What do we really want to get out of this web thing? What do we really want to get out of human communication?”

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World Wide Web

If that quote is a little bit philosophical, this one hits closer to home for those of us who are marketing information, “I think we should develop new payment protocols so that when you’re using a web browser it’s a lot easier to pay for things.” Sounds good to me.  I definitely would like to see more and better options for my customers and clients to pay and download my info products.

And finally, here’s his comment regarding privacy vs freedom, ““The web isn’t about just sharing everything, destroying privacy… but if I want to share something with you it shouldn’t be the technology that gets in the way.”

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