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Introducing The Brain Lady to Information Marketers

Information Marketing

Susan Weinschenk, PhD isn’t called “The Brain Lady” for nothing. She excels at researching customer behavior and brain patterns. I am introducing the Brain Lady to information marketers today because she posted an item that should interest us all –

“Things go viral if one or more of the following is true:

The piece elicits a strong emotional response — either positive or negative;
The person who is doing the communicating is passionate and committed to the idea;
If there is a compelling story around the idea;

Susan Weinschenk

The Brain Lady to Information Marketers

If it’s cute or funny (cats in hats, babies, puppies);
If by passing it on to your network it will make you look smart.”

Weinschenk is relying on research from the Journal of Marketing Research, but I think you and I could probably corroborate her conclusions from our own online experiences as well. What kinds of emails do you forward? I’m making an educated guess that the last one is your favorite, meaning emails that make you look smart.

Since you’re reading my blog, you are either interested in getting started marketing information or you are already doing it. You build products to help people look and feel smart on one or more topics, and in doing so you look smart.

We are all deeply enamored with having superior knowledge, whether it’s the precise method to repair a diesel engine, a heart valve or a priceless antique vase. We want to be known as experts at what we do, and generally we get our expertise from others. Truthfully, we cannot afford to EVER stop accumulating expertise.

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