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Is Following Up The Secret To Info Marketing Success?

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I’ll bet you hear it over and over. You hear advice about sending emails more than once, and even giving your prospects a phone call if you can allocate the time to do so. Is following up the secret to info marketing success?

I believe in it, that’s for sure. And I’m not the only information marketer who has prospered for more than a couple decades because I’ve been tenacious and I have persevered when others did not.  Here is another tenacious marketer, Sean D’Souza, giving Write To Done readers advice about following up in a recent blog post:

info marketing phone follow up

Is Following Up The Secret To Info Marketing Success?

“The less connected your audience is to you, the more they’d hesitate to buy your product. So if you don’t follow up, you miss the chance of getting a sale from this audience.

But that’s not all…

1) Follow up many times. Six is a good starting point.
2) Even your best customers don’t pay attention the first time, or even the fifth time.
3) A great starting price is often not incentive enough. Your best customers are likely to buy even when the price rises, so keep at it.
4) If your best customers are not paying attention (ahem!), guess how much more work you have to do for the rest of your customers.
5) So it’s one sale. Nope, it’s not. If you don’t make this one, you miss out on future sales as well.”

S’Souza’s last point #5 is probably the most significant one, because the longer I’m in business the more I realize that one sale WILL lead to another. Which means one lost sale costs me much more than one sale.

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