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Is The Facebook Controversy Good For Information Marketing?

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Maybe you are wondering, too. I know I am. Is the Facebook controversy good for information marketing, or is it a big distraction that doesn’t lead to more opt-ins and more sales?

The controversy concerns whether or not getting “likes” moves you in the direction of getting clients and getting paid. Some of my clients swear by their experiences on Facebook, but some swear at it. I was not an early-adopter, but I’ve come to appreciate the enormous potential it represents.

Just getting likes is not the point. Likes are not dollars in the bank. And they are not email addresses to which you can send actual communication with existing and potential clients and customers.

information marketing in social media

Likes are not dollars in the bank.

I hate to say this, but it reminds me of junior high school. Oh, I guess they call it middle school these days. That’s where we all survive those tender years surrounding puberty, and it’s the time of life when really need to hear that somebody likes us in order to get through the day. Or maybe the whole week.

Real interaction with real people may occasionally begin on Facebook, but the stark reality is that most of my own does not. And I hear the same thing from most of my peers and partners.  It is a social network, with the emphasis on SOCIAL. It is not yet a business network, although recent changes may prove me wrong.

Facebook is making changes and as we all know, changes can be painful.  The gigantic, popular social site may or may not be making friends and influencing people as it is forced to focus on producing a profit for shareholders now. We’ll see how many likes it gets in the process of change.

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